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The Peripheral
  • Жанр:
  • Режиссеры: Олрик Райли, Винченцо Натали
  • Продюсеры: Джеймс В. Скотчдопоул, Phil Booth, Sara Desmond, Стивен Хобан, Лиза Джой, Винченцо Натали, Джонатан Нолан, Грег Плэджман
  • Актеры: Луис Хертэм, Остин Райзинг, Майлз Барроу, Дэвид Хофлин, Индия Маллен, Ханна Артертон, Мо Бар-Эль, Adelind Horan, Хлоя Грейс Морец, Поппи Корби-Туч, Анжли Махиндра, Нед Деннехи, Чуку Моду, Джек Рейнор, Мелинда Пейдж Хэмилтон, Алекс Эрнандез, Элай Гори, Дьюк Дэвис Робертс, Бен Дики, Gavin Dunn
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"The Peripheral" is a thrilling science fiction novel written by William Gibson and published in 2022. Set in the near future, the story takes place in two different time periods and follows the lives of two protagonists, Flynne Fisher and Netherton. In Flynne's timeline, she lives in a small American town that suffers from economic decline. To make ends meet, Flynne accepts a job as a beta tester for a virtual reality video game. Little does she know that the game she is testing is not just a mere form of entertainment but a portal to a parallel universe called "The Jackpot". The Jackpot is an alternative version of the future, where society has collapsed due to environmental disasters and widespread economic inequality. However, it is from this dystopian future that mysterious messages and events start to emerge and impact Flynne's present. Netherton, on the other hand, lives in a highly advanced city known as London 70 years from now. He is a publicist who works for a wealthy family with political ties. As he navigates the intricacies of this futuristic society, Netherton becomes entangled in a complex conspiracy involving power-hungry individuals from both his time and Flynne's. As the story unfolds, Flynne discovers that the virtual reality game she is testing allows her to control a peripheral (hence the title of the book) in the Jackpot timeline. While initially bewildered by this newfound ability, Flynne gradually realizes that her actions in the game affect the events unfolding in her own reality. The narrative alternates between Flynne and Netherton's perspectives, revealing the interconnectedness of their lives and the far-reaching consequences of their choices. As they uncover the truth behind the messages and the conspiracy, Flynne and Netherton must confront the dangerous forces at play and find a way to save both worlds. "The Peripheral" is a riveting and thought-provoking novel that explores themes of technology, power, and the fragility of human existence. Gibson masterfully weaves together multiple storylines, creating an intricate and immersive world that keeps readers on the edge of their seats. With its blend of futuristic concepts and gritty realism, the book offers a profound commentary on the potential impact of technology on society and the consequences of unchecked power. Gibson's meticulous attention to detail and his ability to create compelling characters make "The Peripheral" a must-read for fans of science fiction and contemporary literature alike.

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